Nonprofit Directory

Working with more than 100 families and businesses with Donor Advised Funds across the United States, we have provided more than $3,250,000 since July 2017 through our Donor Advised Funds (DAFs). Recipients must be 501c3 nonprofit organizations recognized by the IRS and registered in the United States. Funding these community organizations does not endorse the political views or actions of employees or volunteers they represent.

The following organizations have filled out our Nonprofit Eligibility Form to receive funding from our DAFs & Grants.

Amount updated as of 10/22/20.

 Organization NameYear FoundedLocationFundedGrant Area - Focus AreaSocial MediaPodcast/Webinars
1200 Muslim Women Who Care2017FL$0.00Civic Eloquence - Women's Empowerment  
2A Continuous Charity2015TX$24,400.00Seek Knowledge - Education; Social Services / Domestic Poverty 
3A Global Voice for Autism, Inc.2012MN 
4Ability Connection ColoradoCO$0.00Civic Eloquence - Youth/Family Services; Social Services/Domestic Poverty
5Abrahamic Alliance2008CA$0.00Children of Abraham - Interfaith 
6Action Aid USA2000DC$2,600.00Civic Eloquence - International / International Relief; Social Services / Domestic Poverty; Women's Empowerment; Civil Rights / Advocacy; Environment and Animals 
7ADAMS Center1983VA$30,000.0050 Mosques - House of Worship; Education; Social Services / Domestic Poverty; 
8Adoption In Egypt2019$0.00Civic Eloquence - Orphan Sponsorship 
9Affirmed Outreach, Inc.2013PA 
10Afghan CoalitionCA$0.00Civic Eloquence - Immigrant and Refugee Services
11African Community Housing & DevelopmentWA$0.00Civic Eloquence - Immigrant and Refugee Services
12African Youth & Community Organization (AYCO)2009OR$0.00 
13African Youth and Community OrganizationOR$0.00Civic Eloquence - Youth/Family Services; Health Services
14Al Maun2003NV$3,500.0050 Mosques - House of Worship; Social Services/Domestic Poverty 
15Al Otro Lado2011CA$0.00Civic Eloquence - Immigrant & Refugee Services 
16Al-Amal School1994MN$0.00 
17Al-Amin Center of Florida, Inc2009FL$0.0050 Mosques - House of Worship 
18Al-bayyinah Inc.2004GA$0.0050 Mosques - House of Worship
19Al-Burooj Academy2017CA$0.00Seek Knowledge - Education
20Al-Huda Islamic Center Charitable Trust2001NY$100,000.0050 Mosques - House of Worship; Social Services / Domestic Poverty
21Al-Huda Society2000MA 
22Al-Ikhlas Training Academy1991MI$19,725.00Seek Knowledge - Education 
23Al-Maa'uun Masjid An Nur2009MN$500.00 
24Al-Madina Institute2009MD$45,138.61Seek Knowledge - Education;Arts, Culture, and Humanities 
25Al-Madinah Community Center2013OH$0.00 
26Al-mansoor Cultural Center2016NY$0.0050 Mosques - House of Worship 
27Al-Mawrid United States Ince2014TX$0.00 
28Al-Misbaah2015CA$4,000.00Civic Eloquence - Social Services / Domestic Poverty; Youth / Family Services; Education
29Al-Salam Mosque2010TN$0.0050 Mosques - House of Worship 
30Alalusi Foundation2002CA$51,078.20Civic Eloquence - International / International Relief; Immigrant & Refugee Services; Orphan Sponsorship 
31Alhikma Association2019MN$8,000.0050 Mosques - House of Worship; Education 
32Align Us2018NY$0.00Civic Eloquence, Seek Knowledge - Education; Professional Development
33AlMadina Masjid Inc.2014MD$0.0050 Mosques - House of Worship 
34Alternative Paths Training School2002VA$0.00Seek Knowledge - Education 
35Amaanah Refugee Services2008TX$0.00Civic Eloquence - Immigrant and Refugee Services 
36Amana Mutual FundsWA$0.00 
37Amazon Consevation Association1999DC$100.00Civic Eloquence - Environment and Animals 
38Amazon Watch1996CA$100.00Civic Eloquence - Environment and Animals; Civil Rights / Advocacy 
39American Cancer Society1913GA$0.00Civic Eloquence - Health Services 
40American Civil Liberties Union1920NY$100.00Civic Eloquence - Civil Rights / Advocacy
41American Federation of Muslims of Indian Origin (AFMI)2006MI$6,300.00Civic Eloquence, Seek Knowledge - Social Services / Domestic Poverty; Education; International / International Relief 
42American Learning Institute for Muslims (ALIM)1998MI$1,500.00Seek Knowledge - Education 
43American Molsem Society (AMS)1942MI$2,000.0050 Mosques - House of Worship 
44American Moslem Bekaa Center1983MI$2,000.0050 Mosques - House of Worship 
45American Muslim Bar Association2020$0.00 
46American Muslim Civil Rights Center2020MN$0.00
47American Muslim Community Foundation2016CA$400,000.00Philanthropy - Community Building 
48American Muslim Health Professionals2004IL$1,000.00Civic Eloquence, Seek Knowledge - Professional Development; Civil Rights / Advocacy 
49American Muslim Today2020TX$0.00Children of Abraham, Civic Eloquence - Public Service Journalism 
50American Muslim Voice2003CA$9,500.00Children of Abraham - Interfaith 
51American Muslims for Palestine2006VA$1,100.00Civic Eloquence - Civil Rights / Advocacy 
52American Muslims of Long Island2019NY$0.0050 Mosques - House of Worship 
53American Pakistan Foundation2009NY$100,000.00Civic Eloquence - Civil Rights / Advocacy; Arts, Culture, and Humanities 
54American Red Cross2006DC$2,650.00Civic Eloquence - International / International Relief; Health Services; Social Services / Domestic Poverty 
55American Relief Agency for the Horn of Africa (ARAHA)2000MN$0.00Civic Eloquence - International / International Relief; Social Services / Domestic Poverty
56American Muslim Intercultural Network (AMIN)2012TN$0.00New Muslim, Artistry - Arts, Culture, and Humanities 
57Amnesty International USA1961NY$0.00Civic Eloquence - Civil Rights / Advocacy
58Amoud Foundation1998TX$8,360.00Civic Eloquence - International / International Relief; Orphan Sponsorship   
59An-Noor Cultural Center2012NY$0.00 
60Ansaar of Worcester, Inc.2017MA$0.00Civic Eloquence - Immigrant and Refugee Services; Social Services / Domestic Poverty 
61ANSAR 9012019TN$2,500.00Muslim Inc - Prison
62APPNA Community Health Center of San Francisco Bay Area2017CA$0.00Civic Eloquence - Health Services
63AR Rahman Jame Mosque2001NY$2,000.0050 Mosques - House of Worship
64Arab American Family Services2001IL$0.00Civic Eloquence - Social Services / Domestic Poverty; Youth / Family Services; Civil Rights / Advocacy 
65Arab American Institute1995DC$0.00Civic Eloquence - Civil Rights / Advocacy   
66Arizona Cultural Academy1996AZ$11,000.00Seek Knowledge - Education 
67Artistic Freedom Initiative2017NY$1,000.00Civic Eloquence - Civil Rights / Advocacy; Immigrant and Refugee Services; Arts, Culture, and Humanities  
68Asian/Pacific Islander Domestic Violence Resource Project1996DC$1,500.00Civic Eloquence - Social Services / Domestic Poverty; Civil Rights / Advocacy 
69Asians Against Domestic Abuse2001TX$0.00Civic Eloquence - Social Services / Domestic Poverty; Women's Empowerment  
70Asiyah Women's Center2018NY$1,600.00Civic Eloquence - Women's Empowerment; Social Services / Domestic Poverty 
71Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP National)1982VA$510.00Seek Knowledge - Professional Development 
72Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) Golden Gate Chapter1971CA$200.00Seek Knowledge - Professional Development
73Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) Silicon Valley Chapter1987CA$100.00Seek Knowledge - Professional Development
74Asylum Seeker Advocacy Project2015NY$3,000.00Civic Eloquence - Immigrant & Refugee Services 
75Atlanta Masjid of Al-Islam1960GA$8,000.0050 Mosques - House of Worship 
76Averroes Institute2010CA$16,000.00Seek Knowledge - Education 
77Baitul Hikmah Academy2016MN$0.00Seek Knowledge - Education 
78Baitul Mukarram Masjid of Greater Danbury2011CT$0.0050 Mosques - House of Worship 
79Bangladesh American Society of Muslim Aid for Humanity (BASMAH)2017FL$3,200.00Civic Eloquence - International / International Relief; Immigrant & Refugee Services 
80Bani Adam, Inc. (aka Children of Adam)2011NY$1,425.00Civic Eloquence - Social Services / Domestic Poverty; Youth / Family Services; International / International Relief
81Bard College1860NY$0.00Seek Knowledge - Education 
82Bayaan Academy2015FK$0.00Seek Knowledge - Education 
83Bayan Islamic Graduate School2011CA$12,100.00Seek Knowledge - Education 
84Beacon Foundation2015$500.00Seek Knowledge - Education
85Behavioral Health and Developmental Services of Strafford County, Inc1983NH$0.00Civic Eloquence - Health Services; Youth / Family Services 
86Believers Bail Out2018IL$2,522.78Civic Eloquence, Muslim Inc - Prison; Education 
87Better Conduct2020$0.00Civic Eloquence - Health Services 
88Birds of Paradise Foundation 2019$4,000.00Education; Social Services / Domestic Poverty 
89Bloom Charity2017$0.00 
90Boston Islamic Seminary2015MA$0.00 
91Boys Hope Girls Hope Detroit1984MI$0.00Civic Eloquence , Seek Knowledge - Education; Social Services / Domestic Poverty   
92Bread for the City1974DC$0.00Civic Eloquence - Social Services / Domestic Poverty; Civil Rights / Advocacy 
93Bright Horizons Academy2015FL$20,000.00Seek Knowledge - Education 
94Brooklyn Park Islamic Center2014MN$10,000.00 
95Building Blocks of Islam2006MN$2,000.00 
96BuildPalestine2016VA$0.00Civic Eloquence - Civil Rights / Advocacy 
97Burma Task Force1999IL$1,950.00Civic Eloquence - Internatioal / International Relief; Immigrant & Refugee Services   
98Burmese Muslim Education and Community Center2010IN$1,700.0050 Mosques - House of Worship 
99Cal State Fullerton Philanthropic Foundation1994CA$2,130.28Seek Knowledge - Education
100Caminar1964CA$0.00Civic Eloquence - Health Services 
101Campaign for Uyghurs2017VA$0.00Civic Eloquence - Civil Rights / Advocacy; Immigrant & Refugee Services 
102Candle Shining Development (CSD)2019$0.00
103Canton Community Foundation1989MI$100.00Community Building
104Canton Islamic Center2009MI$350.0050 Mosques - House of Worship
105Capital Area Food Bank1980DC$0.00 
106Carriers of Light2010IL$0.00 
107Cars4Jannah1997MD$8,000.00House of Worship 
108Casa Islam2019CA$0.00 
109CelebrateMercy2010OH$950.00Seek Knowledge - Education 
110Center for Islamophobia Studies2015CA 
111Center on Muslim Philanthropy2014FL$5,142.35Education; Professional Development 
112Central Texas Food Bank1981TX$1,000.00Social Services / Domestic Poverty 
113Chapter 510 INK2013CA$0.00 
114Chicago Theological Seminary1855IL$0.00 
115Chinar International2003VA$500.00Seek Knowledge - International; Education 
116Childbirth Survival International2013MD$0.00Civic Eloquence - International; Advocacy, Immirant & Refugee Services, Medical Services, Women's Empowerment 
117ChildLife Foundation2010FL$17,500.00Civic Eloquence - Health Services; Professional Development 
118Christ Community Health Services1995TN$0.00
119Church World Service1946NY$0.00Civic Eloquence - International; Medical Services 
120Circle of Abiding Wisdom$2,000.0050 Mosques - House of Worship
121Citizens for Juvenile Justice1994MA 
122Clubfoot Solutions, Inc. 2012IA$46,372.03Civic Eloquence - Health Services 
123codeHER2016MD$400.00Seek Knowledge - Women's Empowerment; Professional Development; International / International Relief 
124Colorado Muslims Community Center2012CO$0.00 
125Community Mosque (Masjid) Of Atlanta1976GA$0.00 
126Community Outreach Promoting Emergency (COPE) Preparedness2006CA$0.00 
127Community Wide Shuraa Conference, Inc.2013FL$0.00 
128Compassionate Care Network2005IL$0.00Civic Eloquence - Social Services, Health Services 
129Cornerstone Marriage & Family Intervention2015NJ$0.00 
130CAIR - CA, SFBA1994CA$102,148.75Civic Eloquence - Advocacy, Civil Rights 
131CAIR - Chicago2003IL$9,000.00 
132CAIR - Dallas2005TX$0.00Civic Eloquence - Advocacy, Civil Rights 
133CAIR - FloridaFL$0.00 
134CAIR - LA1996CA$15,000.00Civic Eloquence - Advocacy, Civil Rights 
135CAIR - MI2000MI$12,150.00Civic Eloquence - Advocacy, Civil Rights 
136CAIR - MN2007MN$5,000.00Civic Eloquence - Advocacy, Civil Rights 
137CAIR National (Council on American-Islamic Relations)1994DC$6,765.00Civic Eloquence - Advocacy, Civil Rights 
138CAIR - NJ2003NJ$0.00Civic Eloquence - Advocacy, Civil Rights  
139CAIR - NY1998NY$0.00 
140CAIR - Ohio1998OH$0.00Civic Eloquence - Advocacy, Civil Rights 
141CAIR - Philadelphia2005PA$1,000.00 
142CAIR - Sacramento Valley1994CA$4,000.00Civic Eloquence - Advocacy, Civil Rights 
143CAID - SD2006CA$0.00Civic Eloquence - Advocacy, Civil Rights 
144Crescent Academy International1991MI$750.00 
145Crescent Foundation2013CA$3,000.00Civic Eloquence - Education; Professional Development 
146Critical Connections2013MA$0.00 
147Culturingua2019TX$1,500.00Arts, Culture, and Humanities; Education 
148Cystic Fibrosis Foundation (CFF)1955CA$400.00Civic Eloquence - Health Services; Research; Education 
149Dar-Us-Salaam (MD)MD$0.00 
150Darul Qasim2000IL$3,800.00Seek Knowledge - Education; Research 
151Darul-Uloom Islamic Center 2014MN$10,000.00 
152Darus Salam Foundation1989IL$31,000.0050 Mosques - House of Worship; Education
153Date Pop Publishing Limited Liability Corporation2020FL$0.00 
154Deccan Alumni Association of North America2016VA$5,000.00International / International Relief; Social Services / Domestic Poverty; Professional Development 
155Deen Intensive Foundation2005FL$0.00 
156Democracy Now!1996NY 
157Denver Islamic Education Center c/0 Crescent View Academy1993CO$0.00Seek Knowledge - Education 
158Detroit Muslim Mission1989MI$12,000.00Social Services / Domestic Poverty 
159Detroit Revival Engaging American Muslims (dba Dream of Detroit)2013MI$2,250.00Civic Eloquence - Social Services / Domestic Poverty  
160Development Summer Internship Program (D-SIP) c/o U-M2007MI$0.00Seek Knowledge - Professional Development 
161Developments in Literacy1987CA$5,200.00Seek Knowledge - Social Services / Domestic Poverty; International / International Relief 
162DICE (Distinguished Innovations, Collaboration and Entrepreneurship) Foundation, Inc.2012MI$3,782.51International / International Relief 
163Doctors Without Borders1971NY$2,245.75Civic Eloquence - Health Services; International / International Relief
164Domestic Harmony Foundation (DHF)2009NY$1,100.00Civic Eloquence - Youth / Family Services; Civil Rights / Advocacy; Social Services / Domestic Poverty; Women's Empowerment 
165Downtown Denver Islamic Center2007CO$0.00 
166Dr. Shabaz Charity Group2019MN$1,000.00 
167Dutton Farm2010MI$0.00 
168Dwarf Athletic Association of America (DAAA)1985CA$500.00Civic Eloquence - Advocacy 
169Eat With Muslims2016WA$0.00Civic Eloquence - Advocacy 
170Ebadur Rahman Islamic Center Corp2020FL$8,532.00House of Worship
171Edhi Foundation1951NY$22,135.00Civic Eloquence, Seek Knowledge - International; Education, Medical Services 
172Egypt Cancer Network 57357 USA2010CA$10,000.00Civic Eloquence - International / International Relief; Health Services 
173Egypt Relief and Aid2020CA$3,350.00International / International Relief; Social Services / Domestic Poverty
174Eixsys Healthcare System2014TX$1,000.00Health Services 
175Emerald Project2017UT$0.00Civic Eloquence - Advocacy 
176Emgage Action2006FL$2,000.00Civic Eloquence - Advocacy 
177Empowerment Through Integration (ETI)2009MA$0.00 
178EquallyAble Foundation/a>2001VA 
179Evergreen Islamic Center2013CA$8,000.0050 Mosques - House of Worship; Social Services / Domestic Poverty; Education 
180Facing Abuse in Community Environments (FACE)2017TX$1,000.00Civic Eloquence - Civil Rights / Advocacy; Women's Empowerment 
181Fadel Education Foundation$0.00 
182Familial Relief Assistance for Egyptian Covid Victims2000CA$0.00
183Farmington Valley American Muslim Center, Inc.2013CT$0.00 
184Fatimas house of wisdom cafe LLC2020CO$0.00 
185Filmmakers Collaborative, Inc.1987MA$1,000.00Arts, Culture, and Humanities 
186FINCA International1984DC$1,000.00 
187First Cleveland Mosque1937OH$0.00 
188Freedom Forum Institute2005DC$0.00Children of Abraham, Civic Eloquence - Advocacy, Interfaith
189Friends of Indus Hospital2007NJ$13,450.00Civic Eloquence - Health Services; International / International Relief 
190Friends of the Third World, Inc.1972IN$0.00 
191Fusion Community Center of North Jersey2018NJ$1,000.00
192Gateway Human Trafficking (GHT)2014MO$0.00Civic Eloquence - Social Services, Women's Empowerment 
193Gathering All Muslim Artists (GAMA)2016CA$100.00Arts, Culture, and Humanities 
194GDCC Al Salam2006MI$2,000.00House of Worship; Education; Youth / Family Services 
196GiveLight Foundation2005CA$93,005.00International / International Relief; Orphan Sponsorship 
197Global Executive Council2016IL$0.00Civic Eloquence - Immigrant & Refugee Services, Professional Development  
198Global Executive Council Services 2016IL$0.00 
199Granada Islamic School1988CA$5,800.00Seek Knowledge - Education 
200Guidance College2011TX$0.00 
201Guiding Light Academy2012CA$1,165.00Education
202Habari Ummah2015CA$0.00Artistry - Media 
203Habitat for Humanity East Bay/Silicon Valley1986CA$0.00Civic Eloquence - Social Services 
204Hadi Initiative2018VA$0.00Seek Knowledge - Education, Scholarships 
205Halim Clinic2017OH$0.00 
206Hamdard Humanitarian Relief, Inc.2019NY$0.00 
207Hassan Foundation2007MI$12,650.00International / International Relief 
208Hayat International Foundation2019$0.00
209Haydar Foundation2020MI$0.00
210Health Oriented Preventive Education USA (HOPE USA)2008CA$7,500.00International / International Relief; Education; Health Services; Professional Development 
211Health Unit on Davison Avenue (HUDA Clinic)2004MI$20,000.00Civic Eloquence - Medical Services 
212HEART Women & Girls2010IL$100.00 
213Helping Hand for Relief and Development2005MI$130,766.48International / International Relief 
214Hidaya Foundation1999CA$59,160.00International / International Relief; Education; Environment and Animals; Health Services 
215Hikmah Institute2014CA$250.00Seek Knowledge - Education 
216House of Mercy (Dar Al Rahma)2017MI$600.0050 Mosques - House of Worship; Education 
217Houston Food Bank1982TX$4,000.00Civic Eloquence - Social Services 
218Houston Quran Academy MAS Katy Center2009TX$0.00Seek Knowledge - Education
219Huma Faith2010TX$0.00Civic Eloquence - Social Services 
220Human Assistance & Development International1991CA$0.00 
221Human Development Foundation1997IL$27,850.00Civic Eloquence, Seek Knowledge - Education; Health Services; International / International Relief 
222Humanity Relief2018IL$0.00 
223Husayn Center for Social Justice2015NJ$0.00 
225ICNA Council for Social Justice/a>2010VA 
226iERA US (Islamic Education and Research Academy - United States)2018TX$300.00Education 
227Ihsan Foundation for West Africa1997CA$0.00 
228Ikram-Foundation for Empowerment of Muslim Women2014VA$0.00 
229IL Muslim Civic Coalition2018$0.00 
230Illume Media and Arts Foundation2013CA$0.00 
232Iman Jasim Foundation2020MI$42,215.18Orphan Sponsorship 
233Immigrantly Podcast2019$-Artistry - Podcast 
234Imran Khan Cancer Appeal, Inc.1994CT$2,800.00
235Indian American Muslim Council2012IL$13,003.00Children of Abraham, Civic Eloquence - Civil Rights / Advocacy; nterfaith 
236Indian Muslim Relief and Charities2003CA$79,479.50International / International Relief; Orphan Sponsorship 
237Indiana Muslim Advocacy Network2017IN 
238Inge Benevolent Ministries dba Muslimat Al Nisaa Shelter1987MD$1,000.00 
239Inner-City Muslim Action Network (IMAN)1997IL$11,600.00Arts, Culture, and Humanities; Civil Rights / Advocacy; Health Services 
240Institute for Social Policy and Understanding2003MI$79,475.00Civic Eloquence - Research; Civil Rights / Advocacy 
241Institute of Knowledge1998CA$31,450.0050 Mosques - Education 
242Institute of Youth Development & Excellence2007OH$0.00Civic Eloquence - Social Services, Youth 
243Intellicor International Academy2016NC 
244International Aid Charity2013IL$0.00Civic Eloquence, Seek Knowledge - International; Education, Immigrant & Refugee Services, Medical Services, Social Services 
245International Child Art Foundation1997DC$0.00Artistry, Civic Eloquence - Media 
246International Medical Corps1984CA$400.00Civic Eloquence - International / International Relief; Health Services 
247International Museum of Muslim Cultures2001MI$100.00Arts, Culture, and Humanities 
248International Rescue Committee1933NY$1,745.75International / International Relief 
249International Village Clinic1999MN$10,000.00International / International Relief; Health Services
250Iqra Foundation2006CA$2,000.00International / International Relief; Education; Women's Empowerment
251Iqra Fund2011MT$2,000.00International / International Relief; Education; Women's Empowerment 
252Iqra Math and Science Academy (AIC)2011$0.00 
253IRUSA Waqf2014VA$0.00Civic Eloquence - International; Disaster Relief 
254ISeeYou Foundation2016MD$0.00 
255Islah Educational Institute2013CA$0.00 
256Islah LA2015CA$11,105.00Seek Knowledge - Education 
257Islam By Touch2016TX$7,000.00Education; Civil Rights / Advocacy 
258Islam in Spanish2009TX$4,000.00Seek Knowledge - House of Worship; Arts, Culture, and Humanities; Education 
259Islamic Association of Cary2004NC$0.0050 Mosques - House of Worship 
260Islamic Center of Brushy Creek (ICBC)2007TX$2,500.00House of Worship; Youth / Family Services; Interfaith 
261Islamic Center of Des Moines1975IA$10,000.00House of Worship; Education 
262Islamic Center of Detroit, Inc.2000MI$2,000.00 
263Islamic Center of Greater Austin1977TX 
264Islamic Center of Greater Toledo1997OH$11,000.0050 Mosques - House of Worship; Youth / Family Services; Social Services / Domestic Poverty 
265Islamic Center of Kansas, Inc.2001KS 
266Islamic Center of Minnesota1967MN 
267Islamic Center of Passaic County1989NJ$3,000.00House of Worship 
268Islamic Center of Riverside1980CA$300.00House of Worship; Education 
269Islamic Center of Rockland, Inc.1992NY$300.00House of Worship; Interfaith; Education; Youth / Family Services; Social Services / Domestic Poverty
270Islamic Center of Santa Cruz1995CA$18,000.0050 Mosques - House of Worship; Education
271Islamic Center of Staten Island2017NY$0.0050 Mosques - House of Worship
272Islamic Center of Tallahassee1980FL$8,000.00House of Worship 
273Islamic Center of the Temecula Valley1998CA$0.0050 Mosques - House of Worship 
274Islamic Center of Warren2013MI$0.00 
275Islamic Circle of North America Muslim Family Services1998MI$43,005.87Civic Eloquence - Social Services / Domestic Poverty; Health Services; Youth / Family Services 
276Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) Rockford2014IL$10,000.0050 Mosques - House of Worship 
277Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) San Francisco Bay Area2008CA$11,000.00Seek Knowledge - Education; Interfaith; Social Services / Domestic Poverty 
278Islamic Circle of North America Chicago2015IL$12,000.00Education; Interfaith; Social Services / Domestic Poverty 
279Islamic Circle of North America Relief2005NY$15,700.00Education; Social Services / Domestic Poverty; International / International Relief 
280Islamic Community of North American Bosniaks2003$2,000.0050 Mosques - House of Worship
281Islamic Community of Wesley Chapel2018FL 
282Islamic Council of America, Inc.1976NY$0.00
283Islamic Education and Cultural Center2009MN$0.00
284Islamic Educational Council1995OH$0.00 
285Islamic Family & Social Services Association$0.00 
286Islamic Food Bank of Toledo1997OH$1,000.00Civic Eloquence - Social Services / Domestic Poverty  
287Islamic Foundation of Iowa (IFI)2005IA$0.0050 Mosques - House of Worship 
288Islamic Medical Association of North America (IMANA)1967IL$750.00Health Services; Professional Development; International / International Relief   
289Islamic Network Group-Midwest2017OH$0.00 
290Islamic Networks Group (ING)1993CA$33,500.00Children of Abraham - Education; Interfaith 
291Islamic Relief USA1992VA$265,351.00Civic Eloquence - International / International Relief; mmigrant & Refugee Services; Orphan Sponsorship 
292Islamic Resource Group2001MN$500.00  
293Islamic Scholarship Fund2009CA$19,250.00Seek Knowledge - Education; Arts, Culture, and Humanities 
294Islamic Schools League of America1998TX 
295Islamic Shura Council of Southern California- Muslim Speakers Network1995CA$200.0050 Mosques - Education; Interfaith 
296Islamic Society of Baltimore1969MD$0.00 
297Islamic Society of Bayridge 1989NY$2,000.00House of Worship 
298Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center (ISBCC)1999MA$1,000.0050 Mosques - House of Worship
299Islamic Society of Brevard County1986FL$9,500.0050 Mosques - House of Worship; Education
300Islamic Society Of Central Jersey1970NJ$2,000.00House of Worship 
301Islamic Society of East Bay (ISEB)1994CA$0.0050 Mosques - Education, House of Worship 
302Islamic Society of Essex County2003NJ$8,000.00House of Worship; Education; Interfaith
303Islamic Society of Greater Springfield1981IL$3,500.00House of Worship; Education; Interfaith 
304Islamic Society of North America (ISNA)1982IN$4,600.00Children of Abraham - Civil Rights / Advocacy; Interfaith; Education; Youth / Family Services 
305Islamic Society of Orange County (ISOC)1976CA$2,300.0050 Mosques - House of Worship; Youth / Family Services; Education; Social Services / Domestic Poverty 
306Islamic Speakers Bureau1999AZ$0.00Civic Eloquence - Advocacy 
307Islamic Speakers Bureau of Atlanta, Inc.2006GA$0.00 
308Islamic-American Zakat Foundation1986MD$0.00 
309Islamophobia CenterCA$0.00
310Island Harvest Food Bank1992NY$1,000.00Civic Eloquence - Social Services / Domestic Poverty 
311Jabalu-Nur Foundation, Inc.1992TX$0.00
312Jamaat Ibad Ar-Rahman Inc1981NC$0.00 
313Jannah Institute2013MO$0.00 
314Jusoor2011CA$10,000.00Immigrant & Refugee Services; International / International Relief 
315Justice For All1999IL$1,500.00Civic Eloquence - International / International Relief; Civil Rights / Advocacy 
316Kalamazoo Islamic Center1975MI$9,600.0050 Mosques - House of Worship 
317Kamp Khalil, Inc. 2003TX$0.00Civic Eloquence - Youth 
318Karam Foundation2007IL$3,425.00Civic Eloquence - Immigrant & Refugee Services; International / International Relief 
319Kartemquin Educational Films1966IL$1,000.00Civic Eloquence - Arts, Culture, and Humanities 
321Khalil Center2010IL$200.00Civic Eloquence - Health Services; Education; Research 
322Khan Lab School2014CA$500.00Seek Knowledge - Education 
323Kids in Need of Defense (KIND)2008DC$0.00Civic Eloquence - Advocacy, Immigrant & Refugee Services 
325Kiran2008NC$0.00Civic Eloquence - Advocacy, Women's Empowerment 
326KNOWAutism Foundation2013TX$0.00Civic Eloquence - Advocacy, Health Services 
327Koshish Foundation2001CA$11,000.00Seek Knowledge - Social Services / Domestic Poverty 
328Kownayn Foundation2012OH$0.00Civic Eloquence, Seek Knowledge - Education, Immigrant & Refugee Services 
329La Union del Pueblo Entero (LUPE)1989TX$0.00Civic Eloquence - Advocacy, Immigrant & Refugee Services 
330Lactation Aid for Infants in Intensive Treatment (LAIIT) Initiative2019NY
331Latina Muslim Foundation2016CA$2,000.00 
332Life for Relief and Development1992MI$16,720.00Civic Eloquence, Seek Knowledge - International / International Relief 
333Lifelong AI2018CA$0.00Seek Knowledge - International; Immigrant & Refugee Services, Professional Development 
334Lift Up The Vulnerable2004NY$0.00Civic Eloquence - International; Social Services 
335Lighthouse Mosque2008CA 
336Love 1 Talibe, Inc.2017TX$0.00Civic Eloquence - International; Social Services 
337Lucile Packard Foundation for Child2001CA$24,000.00Civic Eloquence - Health Services 
338Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service (LIRS)1939MD$0.00Civic Eloquence - Advocacy, Immigrant & Refugee Services 
339Madina Community2015IL$0.0050 Mosques - House of Worship 
340Madina Masjid Inc2013UT$0.00
341Madinat-ul-Uloom1991IL$2,000.00House of Worship
342Madinatul-Ilm Academy1999IL$100.00
343Majdal Community Center2018$0.00 
344Malala Fund2013$0.00 
345MalcolmX Shabazz Foundation2019NE$500.00Arts, Culture, and Humanities 
346Malik Academy2004MA$0.00 
347Malikah2012NY$1,020.00Women's Empowerment 
348MAS Bay Area2007CA$8,400.0050 Mosques - House of Worship 
349Masjid Abdul Muhsi Khalifah, Inc.1962NY$6,000.00House of Worship 
350Masjid Al Muwahhideen1999NY$0.00 
351Masjid Al-Hedayah1960CA$0.00
352Masjid Al-Salaam2001FL$0.00 
353Masjid Allahu Akbar1993NY$8,000.00House of Worship 
354Masjid Bilal2006MI$2,100.00House of Worship 
355Masjid Bilal (Muslim American Community RVA)1955VA$0.00 
356Masjid Bilal Islamic Center, inc1972CA$7,200.00  
357Masjid Madinatul Ilm (MMI)2013MI$150.0050 Mosques - House of Worship
358Masjid Saad Foundation1994OH$0.00 
359Masjid Uthman2005IL$0.00 
360Masomo Foundation2006$2,000.00Civic Eloquence - International; Social Services
361MASS ClinicFL$0.00 
362MCC for Human Services1995TX$0.00 
363Medina Community Clinic2014NJ$0.00Civic Eloquence - Medical Services 
364Memphis Dawah Association2015TN$0.0050 Mosques - House of Worship 
365Mercy Me2016$0.00Artistry - Writing
366Mercy Without Limits2012KS$0.00 
367Mercy-USA for Aid & Development1988MI$17,500.00International / International Relief; Health Services 
368Michael C. Carlos Museum of Emory University1919GA$0.00 
369Michigan Radio1817$2,350.00Civic Eloquence - Arts, Culture, and Humanities 
370Midtown Mosque2015TN$0.00 
371Mihraab Foundation2009WA$0.00 
372Minaret of Freedom Institute1992MD$0.00 
373Minnesota Dawah Institute2007MN$10,000.00Education 
374Minnesota Deaf Muslim Community2014MN$1,000.00 
375Mipsterz2017NY$100.00Civic Eloquence - Advocacy, Media 
376Mirage Academy Inc2016TN$0.00 
377Misada Family Literacy Organization2018OH$0.00 
378MK Level the Playing Field Institute2004$0.00 
379Mohammadia Madrasha c/o Quran Learning Center2002MI$0.00Seek Knowledge - Education 
380Mohammed Schools of Atlanta1980GA$1,000.00Education 
381Mokha Institute2020$0.00 
382Moonlight Humanity Foundation2011CA$500.00 
383Moorish Science University2009NJ$0.00Seek Knowledge - Education
384Mosaic Federal Employee Association2021VA$0.00 
385MSA West2015$0.00 
388Muppies, Inc2015NY$1,606.00Seek Knowledge - Professional Development 
390Museum of the Palestinian People2016DC$1,000.00Arts, Culture, and Humanities 
391Muslim Advocates2005CA$19,005.00Civic Eloquence - Civil Rights / Advocacy 
392Muslim Alliance in North America2005TN$10,000.00 
393Muslim American Cultural Association2013TN$6,000.00House of Worship 
394Muslim American Society1993DC$3,500.00Youth / Family Services; Civil Rights / Advocacy; Education 
395Muslim American Society - Social Services Foundation2007CA$8,400.00Civic Eloquence - Social Services 
396Muslim American Society Katy Center2006TX$0.00 
397Muslim American Society of Iowa2006IA$15,000.00House of Worship; Education; Youth / Family Services 
398Muslim American Society of Minnesota2003MN$0.00 
399Muslim Anti-Racism Collaborative (MuslimARC)2014MI$2,110.00Civic Eloquence - Civil Rights / Advocacy; Education 
400Muslim Association of Greater Rockford1989IL$35,200.0050 Mosques - House of Worship 
401Muslim Association of Puget Sound2006WA$10,000.00House of Worship; Education; Youth / Family Services 
402Muslim Caucus Education Collective 2019PA$7,125.00Civic Eloquence - Advocacy, Civil Rights 
403Muslim Center of Greater Princeton1998NJ$8,000.0050 Mosques - House of Worship; Education; Interfaith; Youth / Family Services; Health Services
404Muslim Center Of Saint Cloud2014FL$3,000.00 
405Muslim Community Association1981CA$177,800.0050 Mosques - House of Worship; Education; Youth / Family Services 
406Muslim Community Center - East Bay (MCC)2007CA$19,500.0050 Mosques - House of Worship; Education; Youth / Family Services; Interfaith 
407Muslim Community Center for Human Services1995TX$0.00 
408Muslim Community Center of Charlotte2014NC$6,000.00House of Worship; Youth / Family Services 
409Musim Community Center of Richmond Hill2012NY$0.00 
410Muslim Community of Knoxville1982TN$10,000.00House of Worship; Youth / Family Services; Social Services / Domestic Poverty 
411Muslim Community of Western Suburbs of Detroit (MCWS)1987MI$8,200.0050 Mosques - House of Worship 
412Muslim Community Services of San Diego2005CA 
413Muslim Community Support Services2000TX$10,000.00Immigrant & Refugee Services; Women's Empowerment; Social Services / Domestic Poverty 
414Muslim Enrichment Project (MEP)2010MI$20,325.00Education; Social Services / Domestic Poverty 
415Muslim Family Services1998MI$21,300.00Civic Eloquence - Social Services / Domestic Poverty 
416Muslim Family Services of Ohio1993OH$0.00 
417Muslim Flock2020CA$0.00
418Muslim Foster Care Association2016MI$6,750.00Civic Eloquence - Orphan Sponsorship; Social Services / Domestic Poverty 
419Muslim Housing Services1999WA$20,000.00Social Services / Domestic Poverty 
420Muslim Legal Fund of America2001TX$18,050.00Civic Eloquence - Civil Rights / Advocacy
421Muslim Power Building Project2017CA$0.00 
422Muslim Public Affairs Council1988CA$2,491.50 
423Muslim Public Service Network1994$2,000.00Civic Eloquence - Advocacy
424Muslim Sisters Helping, Inc.2019CA$0.00
425Muslim Sisters of Staten Island2014NY$0.00
426Muslim Social Services Agency2003MD$0.00 
427Muslim Society of Delaware Valley (MSDV)1986PA$8,000.00House of Worship; Youth / Family Services; Social Services / Domestic Poverty 
428Muslim Space2018TX$3,500.00 
429Muslim Wellness Foundation2011PA$1,255.00Civic Eloquence - Social Services / Domestic Poverty; Civil Rights / Advocacy 
430Muslim Women In Technology2019$0.00 
431Muslim Women's Organization2010FL$0.00Civic Eloquence - Women's Empowerment 
432Muslim Women's Professional Network2016MO$0.00 
433Muslim Youth for Positive Impact2018CO$0.00 
434Muslim Youth Leadership Awards2004MN$0.00Civic Eloquence, Seek Knowledge - Education, Scholarships, Youth  
435Muslim Youth of North America (MYNA)1985IN$0.00
436Muslims for a Better America2018MO$0.00Civic Eloquence - Advocacy 
437Muslims for Progressive Values2007CA$0.00Civic Eloquence - Advocacy 
438Muslims Understanding & Helping Special Education Needs (Muhsen)2014IL$200.00Civic Eloquence - Education; Civil Rights / Advocacy 
439National Domestic Workers Alliance2007NY$0.00Civic Eloquence - Advocacy 
440New Horizon School Pasadena1984CA$0.00Seek Knowledge - Education 
441New Star Family Justice Center2006CA$0.00Civic Eloquence - Advocacy 
442NewGround: A Muslim-Jewish Partnership for Change2006CA$0.00 
443Noah Foundation2015$1,000.00Seek Knowledge - Education
444Noor Family Services Corporation2015GA$1,000.00Civil Rights / Advocacy; Social Services / Domestic Poverty; Women's Empowerment 
445North American Bangladeshi Islamic Community1993TN$0.00 
446North American Imams Frderation2004MI$500.00 
447North American Islamic Shelter for the Abused (NISA)2002CA$40,900.00Civic Eloquence - Women's Empowerment; Civil Rights / Advocacy; Youth / Family Services 
448North American Islamic Trust1973IL$16,000.00House of Worship 
449North Austin Muslim Community Center1996TX$16,000.00House of Worship; Social Services / Domestic Poverty; Youth / Family Services 
450Northern California Innocence Project2001CA$100.00 
451Northwest Suburban College2008IL$2,000.00Seek Knowledge - Education 
452Nueces Mosque1977TX$1,000.00House of Worship 
453NUI School1993NJ$0.00 
454Nur Academy2015FL$10,000.00Seek Knowledge - Education
455Nur Al-Huda Academy2013CA$0.00Seek Knowledge - Education 
456Nur Publications2013CA$10,000.00Education 
457Oak Park Muslim Community2019 
458Oaktree Institute2011FL$0.00Seek Knowledge - Education, Podcast, Professional Development 
459Oasis -- A Haven for Women and Children1997NJ$13,226.60 
460OBAT Helpers, Inc.2004IN$0.00 
461Off the Chart Foundation2019VA$0.00  
462OneAmerica2001WA$0.00Civic Eloquence - Advocacy 
463Our Shining Stars Foundation2017IL 
464Our Three Winners 2016NC$3,500.00Civic Eloquence - Advocacy, Civil Rights 
465Outward Bound California2012CA$0.00Civic Eloquence - Environment 
466Pakistan Children Relief2012MI$1,000.00
467Pathway to Adventure Council Boy Scouts of America1910IL$0.00Civic Eloquence - Environment, Youth 
468Peace Catalyst International2012TX$0.00 
469Peace Terrace Academy1994CA$0.00Seek Knowledge - Education
470Pearls of Hope MN2015MN$1,060.50 
471Peninsula Islamic Community Center2015VA$10,000.00House of Worship 
472Pennies for Education and Health2003TX$0.00 
473Penny Appeal USA2016VA$72,300.00Civic Eloquence - International / International Relief; Social Services / Domestic Poverty; Orphan Sponsorship 
474Pillars of Peace2019NY$1,000.00Women's Empowerment; Social Services / Domestic Poverty 
475Pious Projects2014IL$0.00 
476Poligon Education Fund2017DC$0.00 
477Political Activism, Relief and Institutional Startups (PARIS)2017MI$1,000.00Civil Rights / Advocacy 
478Pomeroy Recreation & Rehabilitation Center1954CA$0.00Civic Eloquence - Health Services
479Powerful Voices1995WA 
480Prairie Academy School2015IL$0.00Seek Knowledge - Education 
481Preemptive Love Coalition2008TX$0.00 
482Project Affinity2013MD$933.00Civic Eloquence - Social Services / Domestic Poverty 
483Public Citizen1971$0.00Civic Eloquence - Advocacy, Environment, Health Services
484Pure Hands2012TX$4,700.00 
485Qalam Institute2009TX$0.00Seek Knowledge - Education
486Quran Institute of America2012MI$2,300.00Seek Knowledge - Education; House of Worship
487Quran Learning Center2002MA$300.00Seek Knowledge - Education 
488Rabata2012MN$8,250.00Seek Knowledge - Education; Women's Empowerment 
489Radiant Hands2005FL$0.00Civic Eloquence - Professional Development, Women's Empowerment 
490Rafeeqee Foundation, Inc.2017$0.00Seek Knowledge - International; Education 
491Rahbar Foundation2015TX$700.00Seek Knowledge - Education, Scholarships 
492Rahima Foundation1993CA$102,000.00Civic Eloquence - Orphan Sponsorship 
494Raise Karma2020TX$0.00 
495Rayyan Center2009MI$900.0050 Mosques - House of Worship 
496Reed Society for the Sacred Arts2018MD$0.00 
497Refugee Services of Texas1978TX$0.00Civic Eloquence - Advocacy, Immigrant & Refugee Services 
498Religious Freedom Institute2015DC$0.00 
499Renaissance Education Foundation2006TX 
500Reston Islamic Center LLC2019VA$8,000.00House of Worship 
501Reunion Sportive d'Haiti, Inc.2010MD$0.00
502Reviving the Islamic Sisterhood for Empowerment2016MN$3,100.00 
503Rohingya Culture Center2016IL$3,245.75Civic Eloquence - Immigrant & Refugee Services 
504Roswell Community Masjid2006GA$0.00 
505Saba Homes2005CA$0.00Civic Eloquence - International; Education, Health Services, Orphan Sponsorship 
506Sahaba Initiative2010CA$100.00Civic Eloquence - Social Services / Domestic Poverty 
507Sakan Community Resource2016MN$0.00 
508Salaam Cultural Center2011MN$0.00
509Salaam Food Pantry2018CA$0.00Civic Eloquence - Social Services 
510San Ramon Valley Islamic Center (SRVIC)1992CA$2,000.0050 Mosques - House of Worship
511Sanad Trust2011FL$1,500.00Seek Knowledge - Education; Youth / Family Services
512Sapelo Square2015MI$100.00Artistry, Civic Eloquence - Advocacy, Media 
513Save the Children Federation, Inc.1919CT$0.00 
514SciTech2U, Inc.2011MD$0.00 
515Second Harvest of Silicon ValleyCA$1,745.75Social Services / Domestic Poverty 
516Shadhiliyya Sufi Center1998GA$0.00
517Shajara Tayyiba School & Preschool2011MI$650.00
518Shia Muslim Council of Southern California2014CA$0.00 
519Shifa Foundation2001MI$0.00Seek Knowledge - Education 
520Shifa Healthcare & Community Services USA2012TX$0.00
521Silicon Valley Academy Project1996CA$8,000.00Education 
522Sisterhood of Salaam Shalom2011NJ$0.00 
523Sisters Need A Place1999MN$0.00 
524Smart Development2018OH$1,000.00Civic Eloquence - Social Services / Domestic Poverty 
525Solidarity2002$0.00Civic Eloquence, Seek Knowledge - Advocacy, Education
526Sound Vision Foundation 1996IL$4,300.00Civic Eloquence - Arts, Culture, and Humanities; Education 
527South Bay Islamic Association1980CA$42,000.0050 Mosques - House of Worship; Education; Social Services / Domestic Poverty 
528South Dakota Voices for Peace2017SD$0.00 
529St. Jude Children's Research Hospital1962TN$1,000.00Civic Eloquence - Health Services 
530Stanford University1885CA$17,100.00Seek Knowledge - Education 
531Street Kids Funds2017CA$500.00Seek Knowledge - International / International Relief; Education
532Sunrise USA2011$3,000.00Civic Eloquence, Seek Knowledge - International; Education, Immigrant & Refugee Services, Medical Services, Orphan Sponsorship
533Support for Educational and Economic Development2009TX$0.00
534Surayya Anne Foundation2008OK 
535SWASIA Charity Foundation2012NJ$3,000.00Civic Eloquence, Seek Knowledge - International; Education, Immigrant & Refugee Services, Medical Services, Orphan Sponsorship 
536Syrian American Medical Society Foundation (SAMS)2008DC$20,300.00Civic Eloquence - International; Advocacy, Immirant & Refugee Services, Medical Services, Women's Empowerment 
537Syrian Expatriate Medical Association US (SEMA)2018MI$2,000.00Civic Eloquence - International / International Relief; Health Services; Professional Development
538Syrian Forum USA2015IL$7,000.00Civic Eloquence - Immigrant & Refugee Services; International / International Relief; Social Services / Domestic Poverty 
539Ta'leef Collective 2005CA$24,442.00Education 
540Taha Masjid1973NY$0.00 
541Tarbiyah Academy2012MD$0.00 
542Tawheed Center1993MI$6,475.0050 Mosques - House of Worship; Education 
543Tayba Foundation2004CA$110,567.00Prison; Education 
544Teaching, Advocacy, Inclusion, Building, and Advancement (TAIBA)2017TX$200.00Women's Empowerment 
545Team Liyna$0.00 
546Texas Muslim Women's FoundationTX$0.00 
547The 1947 Partition Archive2011CA$6,500.00Civic Eloquence - Arts, Culture, and Humanities 
548The Appellate Project2019DC$0.00Civic Eloquence - Advocacy, Professional Development
549The Center for Global Muslim Life2018CA$450.00Arts, Culture, and Humanities 
550The Chicago Community Trust/Foundation / Pillars Fund1915IL$25,000.00Community Building 
551The Citizens Foundation, USA (TCF-USA)2003IL$35,497.00Seek Knowledge - International / International Relief; Education 
552The Family & Youth Institute2006MI$500.00Civic Eloquence - Advocacy, Research 
553The Florence Immigrant & Refugee Rights Project1989AZ$0.00Civic Eloquence - Advocacy, Immigrant & Refugee Services 
554The Hassan Foundation2007MI$0.00Civic Eloquence - International; Education, Social Services 
555The Health Unit on Davison Avenue2004MI 
556The Horizon Forum2020MA
557The Hunar Foundation USA2006MD$0.00
558The Initiative on Islam and Medicine at the University of Chicago2012$0.00Civic Eloquence - Research
559The Islamic Center for Detroit2000MI$2,000.0050 Mosques - House of Worship; Education; Social Services / Domestic Poverty 
560The Islamic Center of Jersey City1972NJ$3,500.00House of Worship
561The Islamic Seminary of America (TISA)2011TX$2,000.00 
562The Justin Wren Foundation dba Fight For The Forgotten2018OK$0.00International / International Relief; Social Services / Domestic Poverty 
563The Lady Fatemah Charitable Trust1997$0.00Civic Eloquence - International; Disaster Relief, Social Services, Women's Empowerment 
564The Majlis2016CA$250.00Seek Knowledge - House of Worship 
565The Minaret Foundation2009$0.00
566The Moyenda Islamic Service Foundation2017FL$0.00Civic Eloquence, Seek Knowledge - Education, Professional Development, Scholarships, Youth 
567The Muslim Connection2013FL 
568The Muslim Network2015NJ$0.00 
569The Muslim Observer Foundation (TMO Foundation)2010MI$300.00Civic Eloquence - Arts, Culture, and Humanities 
570The Oasis Initiative2012IL$13,526.60Women's Empowerment; Social Services / Domestic Poverty
571The Palestine Children's Relief Fund1991OH$0.00 
572The Parliament of the World's Religions1989IL$0.00Children of Abraham, Civic Eloquence - Advocacy, Interfaith 
573The Philadelphia Masjid1985PA$0.00House of Worship; Social Services / Domestic Poverty
574The Quran Institute2005MI$100.00religious education 
575The Strangers Poets2014NY$0.00 
576The Tech Interactive 1983CA$0.00Education 
577The Tiyya Foundation2010CA$1,000.00Immigrant & Refugee Services; Education ; Youth / Family Services; Social Services / Domestic Poverty 
578The University of Texas at Austin1883TX$36,000.00Seek Knowledge - Education 
579The Whitestone Foundation2014$10,000.00Civic Eloquence - Advocacy, Research 
580The Women’s Mosque of America2014CA$0.0050 Mosques - Education, House of Worship 
581The Writers' Colony at Dairy Hollow1999AR$0.00Artistry - Writing 
582Tidepool Project2013CA$0.00 
583Tides Center - Palestine Legal2012IL$0.00Civil Rights / Advocacy 
584Timelist Group2012CA$505.00Civic Eloquence - Prison; Social Services / Domestic Poverty; Education; Professional Development 
585Tranquil Hearts2019VA 
586Tranquil Hearts, Inc.2013VA$4,000.00
587Transportation Choices Coalition1993WA$0.00Civic Eloquence - Social Services 
588Tri-City Health Center1970CA$500.00Civic Eloquence - Health Services 
589Tutor Smart of Toledo2017OH$1,000.00Seek Knowledge - Education 
590U.C. Berkeley Foundation1868CA$300.00
591UMMA Community Clinic1996CA$0.00 
592Unified Under Hope$0.00
593United Against Hate2017WI$0.00Civic Eloquence - Advocacy 
594United Hands Relief2016TX$10,000.00 
595United Mission for Relief and Development (UMR)2014DC$10,011.87Civic Eloquence - International / International Relief; Immigrant & Refugee Services; Social Services / Domestic Poverty; Orphan Sponsorship ; Health Services 
596United We REACH2015$7,500.00Seek Knowledge - Education 
597Unity Productions Foundation (UPF)1999VA$18,350.00Civic Eloquence - Arts, Culture, and Humanities 
598University of Illinois Foundation1935IL$800.00Seek Knowledge - Education 
599University of Michigan1817MI$1,600.00Seek Knowledge - Education 
600University of Southern California (USC)1880CA$450.00Seek Knowledge - Education 
601UNRWA USA2010DC$2,850.00Civic Eloquence - Immigrant & Refugee Services, International; Disaster Relief 
602UOSSM USA2015MN$0.00 
603Uplift Charity, Inc.2006CA$72,025.00Civic Eloquence - Social Services / Domestic Poverty 
604Urban Muslim Minority Alliance2004IL$0.00  
605US India Policy Institute2012DC 
606USA for UNHCR1989DC$2,050.00Civic Eloquence - Immigrant & Refugee Services; International / International Relief; Social Services / Domestic Poverty 
607Utah Muslim Civic League2018UT$9,500.00Civic Eloquence - Civil Rights / Advocacy
608Uyghur Association of America1998$3,500.00Civic Eloquence - Immigrant & Refugee Services
609Uyghur Foundation2018CA$4,925.00Civic Eloquence - Immigrant & Refugee Services 
610Uyghur Human Rights Project2016DC$1,000.00 
611Valley Ranch Islamic Center2009TX$0.00 
612Village Rights International2013FL$100.00Civic Eloquence - International / International Relief; Immigrant & Refugee Services; Orphan Sponsorship 
614Wasat Community2014WA$0.00
615We Have Hope Foundation2019CA$0.00Seek Knowledge - Education 
616Wellspring Endowment2014TX$0.00Civic Eloquence - Social Services 
617West Valley Muslim Association (WVMA)2009CA$19,483.0050 Mosques - House of Worship 
618Women for Afghan Women2001NY$4,000.00Civic Eloquence - Women's Empowerment; International / International Relief; Civil Rights / Advocacy 
619Women of Banglatown2014MI$0.00Civic Eloquence - Women's Empowerment 
620Women4Change Indiana2016IN 
621Worcester Islamic Center2005MA$0.00 
622World Central Kitchen2010DC$500.00Social Services / Domestic Poverty 
623Yaqeen Institute for Islamic Research2016TX$1,550.00Civic Eloquence - Research; Education 
624Yemeni American Merchants Association2017NY$0.00 
625Young Muslims, Inc.1991$0.00 
627Zakat Chicago - CIOGC2003IL$1,500.00 
628Zakat Foundation of America2001IL$31,025.00Civic Eloquence - International; Disaster Relief, Orphan Sponsorship 
629Zakat Fund of NYC2019NY
630Zam Zam Water2014TX$2,500.00Civic Eloquence - International; Orphan Sponsorship, Social Services, Women's Empowerment 
631Zaman International, LLC2004MI$6,000.00Civic Eloquence, Seek Knowledge - Women's Empowerment; Social Services / Domestic Poverty; Education 
632Zaytuna College1996CA$86,965.00Seek Knowledge - Education 

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