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The Ummah Giving Circle is a NY based philanthropic sisterhood that pools their knowledge and resources for the purpose of providing aid to mutually agreeable causes. What initially started out as a group of friends giving charity every month, has grown to over a 100 women helping those in need. We support a diversity of causes such as local ones like single moms or domestic violence victims to international causes to help those in need.

Every month local and international causes and charities are suggested by and voted on by group members.

Members can choose to donate according to the following tier levels that are available

Please note: 65% of donations will go towards the voted causes of the month. 30% will go towards costs to support Nigerian orphans and 5% will go towards the American Muslim Community Foundation:
🌺Level Ummah🌺$60.00 per quarter ($20 a month)
🌸Level Salam🌸$90.00 per quarter ($30 a month/dollar a day) 
🌼Level Afiyah🌼$150.00 per quarter ($50 a month)
🌹Level Firdous🌹$300.00 per quarter($100 a month)

Please make your contributions here and select “Ummah Giving Circle NY” in the menu. You can set the donation up as a one time gift or recurring quarterly/monthly/annually.

Sarwat, Freda, & Rosy