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Giving Circles

What is a Giving Circle?

A Giving Circle is a form of philanthropy in which groups of individuals donate their money and time to a pooled fund. Together as a team, your group decides which nonprofit(s) or project(s) to fund. Here’s a great website that breaks down more information on Giving Circles.

AMCF is proud to partner with Giving Circle Incubators, Accelerators, and Networks like Amplifier Giving & Philanthropy Together.

American Muslim Community Foundation can help you organize and administer your Giving Circle coming up with your focus, frequency, and objectives.

Family members or groups of friends can decide to donate to the same charities and allocate funds from their donor advised funds on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis. Decisions on what charities to donate to or research on various organizations can be done through our team of experts.

AMCF is currently operating several Muslim Giving Circles:

You can work with your friends for family to make a difference. Contact us to find out more if you would like to join or start a Giving Circle.