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Donations Distributed The Right Way At The Right Time

Join over 140 families across the country that are transforming Muslim Philanthropy in the United States. Here are the steps you’re interested in setting up a DAF:

  1. Fill out our Donor Advised Fund Inquiry Form
  2. Schedule a conversation with our Director of Development, Muhi Khwaja
  3. Register on the portal under “fundholder”
  4. Sign our MOU (we will email it to you after you have a conversation with us and after you register)
  5. Activate your registration
  6. Donate through the portal
Donor Advised Funds (DAF)

Put your charitable giving into an account with an opening balance of $2,500. You can invest the funds to grow, distribute them at a minimum of $100, and keep a balance of $500.All of the money you put into your DAF will automatically be tax deductible. You’ll receive quarterly reporting and have the option to give anonymously.

Giving Circles

Family members or groups of friends can decide to donate to the same charities and allocate funds from their donor advised funds on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis. Decisions on what charities to donate to or research on various organizations can be done through our team of experts.

Consolidated Tax Receipts & Quarterly Reports

As a nonprofit community foundation and being the direct recipient of your donation, AMuslimFund will provide you with a consolidated tax receipt showcasing your cumulative annual contributions. You’ll receive a quarterly update on your balance, distributions, and contributions from your DAF.

Private Foundation Management

If you already have a family foundation or fund setup, AMuslimFund can manage it for you. We’ll work with all of the organizations you support and can host a grant cycle.