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How We Make A Difference

There are thousands of nonprofits in the United States serving the needs of the Muslim community. They include large relief organizations, civil rights advocates, medical clinics, local community arts co-ops, and more.

While individual American Muslims are donating hundreds of millions of dollars each year, there is little overall community strategy to ensure these funds are distributed in a way that ensures all the long term needs of the community are met. That’s where the American Muslim Community Foundation comes in.

The American Muslim Community Foundation is a community foundation that aims to encourage individual donors to be strategic in their charitable-giving, so that we can provide sustainable support to nonprofits, and meet the long term goals of the American Muslim community.

American Muslim Community Foundation Overview

Community Foundation Overview

Donor Advised Funds

A donor advised fund is an account for your donations that is operated by us. You get your tax break as soon as you deposit money into your DAF, and you can elect to have the funds invested and distribute donations to your favorite nonprofit at any time you want. Importantly, the AMuslimFund handles all the administration for your donor advised fund. This means that we vet the nonprofits that you want to support, compile a donor report to help you track your charitable giving, and you get one single tax receipt for each tax year even if you have made distributions to multiple organizations.

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Research & Vetting

When you choose to support a nonprofit organization through your DAF, AMuslimFund talks with the staff and board of organizations to learn more about their mission and how they make an impact. The organization sends over their recent 990s and Annual Reports for AMuslimFund to review. As long as the organization isn’t on any government watch-lists and is in good standing with the IRS, we’ll pass your donation on.

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Consolidated Tax Receipts & Quarterly Reports

As a nonprofit community foundation and being the direct recipient of your donation, AMuslimFund will provide you with a consolidated tax receipt showcasing your cumulative annual contributions. You’ll receive a quarterly update on your balance, distributions, and contributions from your DAF.

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