Annual Symposium

Save the date for the 2022 Muslim Philanthropy Awards

Saturday November 19, 2022.

AMCF Annual Symposium & Muslim Philanthropy Awards
Growing Lifelong Philanthropists
Saturday November 13, 2021
11 AM – 3 PM PST, 1-5 PM CST, 2-6 PM EST

Learn about American Muslim Community Foundation’s work & help kick off AMCF’s year-end fundraising campaign in style!

AMCF is excited to have three panel discussions in addition to entertainment. Sessions will be announced soon.

Event hosted by Baba Ali. You’ll also be able to browse through our virtual booths to learn more about our sponsors. The event will be hosted on vFAIRS, an engaging virtual platform.


AMCF understands that many families are affected by COVID-19 and other reasons for financial hardship. As this is a fundraising event, AMCF would like to offer a sliding scale for tickets and trust that you’ll choose the plan that fits your needs. Please note no one will be turned away due to a lack of finances. Should you still not be able to afford the registration, feel free to reach out to us (email awards@amuslimcf.org) and we’ll make sure you can attend.

$25 (discounted for students or those facing financial hardships)
$50 (individuals)
$150 (families)

Join our Host Committee! Review our presentation with award categories and sponsorship details.

Annual Sponsorship Commitments

Thank you to our Generous Sponsors from 2020

Lifetime Achievement Award Sponsor
Annie E. Casey Foundation

Panel Sponsors
Bayan Islamic Graduate School
Marguerite Casey Foundation

Award Sponsors
Amana Mutual Funds
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
California Community Foundation
Haider-Hyder Foundation
Preemptive Love

Social Impact Sponsor
East Bay Community Foundation
Helping Hand USA
IL Muslim Civic Coalition
Islamic Relief USA
Penny Appeal USA

Community Sponsor
Guidance Residential

General Sponsor
Hashem-Morad Fund
Hub Foundation
Institute for Social Policy & Understanding
Islamic Scholarship Fund
Muslim Public Affairs Council
Noor Family Services

Virtual Booth Sponsor
CAIR Florida
Community Investment Network
Emgage USA
Imamia Medics International
Nasiri Law
Sanad Trust

Banner Sponsor
Andalus Capital
Gillentine Group
Philanthropy Together
Rise Together Fund
Venture Leadership Consulting

Award Categories

Award for Outstanding Youth in Philanthropy (Individual or Group)

This award recognizes service by an individual or group ages 5–12 and 13-21 who demonstrates outstanding commitment to the community through direct financial support, development of charitable programs, volunteering and leadership in philanthropy. Nominees will be judged based on work done while they were 5–21 years old.

Award for Outstanding Young Professional

The Award for Outstanding Young Professional recognizes fundraisers 30 years old or younger who display excellence in raising funds, inspiring donors, managing campaigns and dedication to the charitable sector.

Award for Outstanding Corporation or Nonprofit

The Award for Outstanding Corporation or Nonprofit honors a corporation or nonprofit that demonstrates outstanding commitment through financial support and through encouragement and motivation of others to take leadership roles toward philanthropy and community involvement.

Award for Outstanding Fundraising Professional

The Award for Outstanding Fundraising Professional honors an outstanding individual fundraising professional who works for a nonprofit, charitable organization. Nominees must have a minimum of 5 years of experience as a professional fundraiser. 

Award for Outstanding Foundation or Grantmaker

The Award for Outstanding Foundation or Grantmaker honors a foundation which demonstrates outstanding commitment through financial support, encouragement and motivation of nonprofit staff to take leadership roles in issues involving philanthropy on the regional, national, and international level. 

Award for Outstanding Philanthropist

The Award for Outstanding Philanthropist honors an individual or family with a proven record of exceptional generosity who, through their time, talent, treasure, and testimony, demonstrates outstanding civic and charitable responsibility and whose generosity encourages others to take philanthropic leadership roles on a community, national and/or international level.

Award for Outstanding Volunteer Fundraiser

The Award for Outstanding Volunteer Fundraiser honors an individual or family that demonstrates outstanding skills in coordinating and motivating groups of donors and volunteers for fundraising projects for the benefit of charitable institutions. The recipient must have demonstrated exceptional leadership skills in coordinating groups of donors and volunteers for major fundraising projects for more than one nonprofit organization.

Award for Outstanding Board Member

The Award for Outstanding Board Member honors an individual who demonstrates outstanding leadership as a cherished volunteer, dedicating their time towards promoting the organization, being a community advocate, and staunch supporter. The recipient must have demonstrated exceptional community leadership and service for a nonprofit organization.

Award for Lifetime Achievement

The Award for Lifetime Achievement recognizes an outstanding individual with great respect and admiration for their extraordinary contributions, influential work and ongoing engagement in philanthropy for over 20 years. Letters of support are required for this special nomination.

Nominees from 2020

Lifetime Achievement

Muna AbuSulayman, Ahmed ElHattab, Hind Jarrah, Anwar Khan,
Hamza Maqbul, Moina Shaiq, & Shariq Siddiqui

Outstanding Youth in Philanthropy

Haaris Ahmed, Zohaib Begg, Muslim Children’s Education & Civic Center Youth Group, Ayaan Raza, Bilal Ron, & Saniya Vashist

Outstanding Young Professional

Rowaida Abdelaziz, Lujain Al-Khawi, Zahra Bokhari, Khadidja Fares,
Rafi Hussaini, Aymann Ismail, & Jousef Shkoukani

Outstanding Corporation or Nonprofit

Amana Mutual Funds, CAIR-FL, Islamic Family & Social Services Association, MASS Clinic, MuslimARC, OBAT Helpers, & Penny Appeal USA

Outstanding Fundraising Professional

Azhar Azeez

Outstanding Foundation or Grantmaker

Fadel Education Foundation, Islamic Scholarship Fund, & Rise Together Fund

Outstanding Philanthropist

Iltefat Hamzavi, Alfred Tard El, Gigi Salka, & Dilnaz Waraich

Outstanding Volunteer Fundraiser

Nadira Adil, Aneelah Afzali, Siddiq Anwar, Seema Badar, Syed Saif Rahman, & Bassema Yousef

For questions feel free to email awards@amuslimcf.org or sponsor@amuslimcf.org for more information.