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American Muslim Community Foundation is A Community Foundation

The American Muslim Community Foundation is a community foundation. We pool together funds from individuals to support nonprofit organizations and projects in a strategic way, with a long term goal of strengthening the American Muslim community.

Make Your Zakat to American Muslim Community Foundation

At AMCF, we know that charitable-giving can be confusing and time consuming for donors. You want to support a variety of causes but it takes time and effort to keep track of your giving and collect receipts. Or you may not know the best organizations to donate to, or are unsure if the new charity you heard about can be trusted with your hard-earned money.

Nonprofit organizations are doing important work for society and we want to make sure they are strong institutions. By providing funding, best practices and institutional support, we free up nonprofit leaders’ time, resources and talents to do the things they do best, whether it be civil rights advocacy, alleviating poverty, documenting history, or educating the youth of tomorrow. We also want to create opportunity for those smaller organizations working on important issues on a shoestring budget, or that startup with innovative ideas but no one has heard of. In the long term, we aim to build a $5,000,000 endowment by 2021 that will create a sustainable grant-making program.

There is one final important aspect of our work that cannot be overlooked. When AMCF pools together resources and makes a collective distribution or grant to a non-Muslim charity, we are showcasing the generosity of the Islamic charitable spirit and reaffirming our presence in society. A collective voice speaks louder than individual donors can ever hope to do.

This Ramadan, your donation to the AMCF will take us one step closer to achieving these goals. Support American Muslim Community Foundation and help us build strong institutions, advance Muslim philanthropy, and strengthen the American Muslim community.