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[AMCF News] Black History Month Initiative, Endowment Webinar, Donor Advised Funds (DAFs), & more


The one donation to rule them all; your Donor Advised Fund can do the rest!



Black History Month Initiative



If you’re looking for way to make a difference this Black History Month, join our initiative to support organizations empowering Black thought & voices within the Muslim community.


Donations collected in the month of February will be sent in March to 6 organizations selected from our Nonprofit Directory: Believers Bail Out, Muslim Anti-Racism Collaborative, Muslim Wellness Foundation, Sapelo Square, Tayba Foundation, and Timelist Group. You can learn more about the initiative and contribute here.





Webinar: All About Endowments 




Have you considered creating an endowment for your nonprofit but don’t know how to get started? It’s never too early or late to start. Join our webinar on Monday March 2 at 11:30am Pacific to learn why now is the best time.


Your nonprofit can now apply for seed funding from AMF in the amount of $5,000. AMF is selecting three organizations by April 2020. Learn more about this exciting grant opportunity. We’ll answer questions about this grant cycle on the webinar.






Host AMF in 2020



Invite AMF to your community or your living room! We rely on the generosity of our donors and allies to promote our work. If you’ve benefited in any way, help introduce us to others in your network. Whether you are a nonprofit receiving funds or setting up an endowment, a family participating in a Giving Circle or donating through a Donor Advised Fund, or someone who just wants to represent Muslim philanthropy in a more strategic way, we would love to visit.


Thank you to the Muslim Association of Puget Sound and Wasat for hosting us in Seattle earlier this month.


We’ll be in San Diego March 28-29, Pittsburgh April 1-2, Washington, D.C. April 3 and 7, New York April 4-6, and Los Angeles April 10-12.


Connect with us so you can make the most of your Ramadan giving.




Setup a Donor Advised Fund (DAF)




With Ramadan around the corner, you can streamline your charitable giving through a Donor Advised Fund. A DAF is a giving vehicle that provides you with immediate tax
benefits & allows you to support your charities of choice through grant recommendations on your own timetable. Watch this video to learn more.


Here are some benefits of using a DAF:

  • Get one tax receipt for all your giving
  • Invest your balance for future growth
  • Easily donate appreciated assets and avoid a capital gains tax
  • Create a sadaqa jariya (ongoing charity) in honor of your family or a loved one to create a legacy
  • Pass on your DAF generation to generation

Join over 70 families across the country that are transforming Muslim Philanthropy in the United States. If you’re interested in setting up a DAF:

  1. Simply fill out our DAF Inquiry Form
  2. Schedule a conversation with Muhi Khwaja
  3. Sign our MOU
  4. Fund your DAF: Mail a check (PO Box 1533 Fremont, CA 94538), Donate Appreciated AssetsGive Online or ask for Wire Transfer instructions (donate@AMuslimFund.org).





Become a Monthly Donor



A gift to support AMF makes all of the nonprofits and donors in our ecosystem stronger. For our ecosystem to survive, every gift plays its part. You are necessary and vital to the success of our ecosystem. Our goal in the next two years is to become fully sustainable from our recurring donations, administrative fees, and endowment. Will you help us achieve our goals?


Pitch in today to support our operations or endowment!





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American Muslim Fund
PO Box 1533, Fremont, CA 94538




Founded in 2016, the American Muslim Fund (AMF) is a grassroots, national community foundation in the United States focused on creating Donor Advised Funds, Giving Circles, distributing grants, and building endowments for the Muslim community.



Leading sustainable & strategic Muslim philanthropy for today & future generations. 


Cultivating donor giving and diversifying funding to advance charitable causes. 

American Muslim Fund is a national community foundation 501c3 nonprofit organization:
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