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#MuslimPhilanthropy Podcast: American Muslim Women’s Giving Circle Informational

Join Shazeen Mufti, AMCF Giving Circle Fellow as she shares more on our efforts around the American Muslim Women’s Giving Circle. Founded in 2021, the American Muslim Women’s Giving Circle is a collective of Muslim women around the US who are dedicated to philanthropy and are looking to amplify the impact of their charitable giving. Through the American Muslim Community Foundation (AMCF), we have created the first national giving circle for Muslim women so that we may work together strategically to make a bigger and more long-lasting impact in our communities. Bismillah!

Purpose: To Amplify Your Impact The American Muslim Women’s Giving Circle believes there is power in Muslim women’s philanthropic giving by combining our donations into one fund and democratizing how we give. Through this giving circle, we will provide seamless big-dollar donations to a few key organizations to make a larger impact in our community. 

Find out more at amuslimcf.org/womensgc to join

More episodes can be found at amuslimcf.org/pod

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