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Goal: $35,000

Dear supporters,

Establishing a community foundation has been a long journey. When the American Muslim Community Foundation started in 2017, it was merely an idea. Today, AMCF has over $8.6 million of assets under management and has distributed over $11 million to more than 800 nonprofit organizations in the United States. AMCF hosts 17 endowments and 167 donor advised funds (DAF). It’s a testament to the potential that Muslim philanthropy can harness. Yet, growth comes in waves.

There is a lot of room for scaling and that’s where you come in. AMCF would love to be presenting in your mosque and building relationships with key community members in your community. You don’t need to be an ultra high net worth individual to have a DAF. You simply need to be someone who wants to get one tax receipt for all of the annual contributions you make to charities you love. You can give appreciated assets, cash, monthly, or any way you want. You can invest your balance in sharia compliant options with us before you distribute it. And even best, you can list beneficiaries to your DAF and list it in your will, trust, or estate plan. DAFs simplify your giving and make distributing your zakat and sadaqa more strategic.

Similarly, nonprofit and for-profit organizations can open an endowment with AMCF to invest a part of their revenue and increase their own sustainability. Partnering with AMCF provides infrastructure support for investment brokerage services. AMCF lends our expertise to our partners to invest on their behalf. 

This year, AMCF :
Responded to the genocide in Palestine by distributing over $100,000 to organizations helping in advocacy and humanitarian efforts, give to our Collaborative Fund for Palestine.
-Attended Fundraising Academy’s Cultivate Conference
Hosted a few events (Disaster Updates, Stock Market Update, Annual Symposium & Muslim Philanthropy Awards, which you can watch here)
-Presented at the Chicago Planned Giving Council Conference
Created the National Muslim Planned Giving Council
Produced new episodes for our #MuslimPhilanthropy Podcast
Relaunched our Giving Circles (Interfaith Giving Circle Confronting Hate & American Muslim Women’s Giving Circle)
-Participated in Giving USA and DAF Research Collaborative data sets on faith and philanthropy
-Raised over $55,000 for the Maui Wildfire
-Recorded new Social Impact Accelerator Webinars
-Launched the Muslim Affinity Group for fundraisers wanting to study and earn their Certified Fund Raising Executive (CFRE) license.
-Distributed more than $1.6M to hundreds of nonprofits

To keep this work going and help AMCF grow to host 1,000 DAFs and 100 endowments by 2025, we’re asking you to help pitch in towards our $35,000 goal by the end of the year. A portion of our proceeds will go to support organizations listed in our Statement on Palestine. With your help, AMCF will be Better Together: For Today and Future Generations.

The AMCF team