Year End 2022: Building a Strong Foundation

Dear Supporter,

May this letter reach you in good health and a strong state of your faith. Having just completed my one year mark as the Executive Director at American Muslim Community Foundation, I can attest it was challenging, and with the help of the board of directors providing unrelenting support and the baraka of Allah (swt), we’re happy to be moving in the right direction.

Founded in 2016, AMCF is an innovative and award-winning national community foundation dedicated to creating Donor Advised Funds, Giving Circles, distributing grants, & building endowments for the American Muslim community. Since we started, with your help, AMCF has committed over $9,000,000 to social basic needs, racial justice, and health equity initiatives by supporting over 400 nonprofits.

COVID-19 held a mirror to our organization and showed us how to be stronger internally. In 2020 our team saw a boost in support for our organization, and like many other nonprofits, 2021 was a challenge to keep up with the growth and maintain relationships with donors and stakeholders. My goal as ED is to continue building internal processes and grow current programming in order to make AMCF stronger and more impactful.

As a young institution, each of you have helped us achieve where we are today. Our mission is to cultivate donor giving and diversifying funding to advance charitable causes. Our vision is to lead sustainable & strategic Muslim philanthropy for today and future generations. An example of this has been receiving invitations to participate in national conferences within the Muslim philanthropic space (Harvard Islamic Alumni Conference & Muslim Collaboration Prizes) and speaking at mainstream conferences (Association of Fundraising Professionals & Fundraising Academy). 

Since I’ve been at AMCF, here are a few ways we have made an impact in the last year together. We:

  • Celebrated the Muslim Philanthropy Awards 2021 (stay tuned for 2023)
  • Held focus groups with clients and partners for improvements to internal processes
  • Sponsored the Muslim Collaboration Prizes to support distribution of $1,000,000 to 25 nonprofits

Moving forward, AMCF is committed to a high quality of customer service to donors and uplifting the nonprofits we work with. The focus is to continue cultivating Donor Advised Funds, Giving Circles and working to build endowments for nonprofits. If your family wants to create a Donor Advised Fund or you know of a nonprofit that could use an endowment, please reach out to us for a conversation. In the next year, we would love to visit your community or do a presentation for you online to help better share our services.

Our goal in this year end campaign is to raise $100,000 and we are seeking an additional $450,000 in Ramadan next year. This will help our team scale operationally and provide increased intentional programming in 2023. Please contribute below.

With gratitude,

Sarah Alfaham, MSW