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Ramadan Mubarak, help us celebrate 8 years of AMCF!

Dear Supporter,

As salaam alaykum. May the well wishes of Ramadan bless you and your families. On behalf of the American Muslim Community Foundation (AMCF), we pray that you and your loved ones have stayed healthy and safe through this pandemic. AMCF’s journey since it was an idea in 2016, launched in 2017, and until today is a testament of your support and God’s Grace, thank you for being part of our story in the last 8 years.

Our team has grown significantly, including our board and staff. These infrastructural changes will help AMCF develop our internal and external policies. There is a lot more we hope to do and with your continued encouragement, we can do it, inshaAllah.

Since 2017, AMCF has established and managed over 188 Donor Advised Funds, distributing over $15 million to 800+ charities. AMCF now manages 20 endowments for nonprofit organizations. Our team works to help share the narrative and impact that Muslim philanthropy has in the United States by sharing our data with Giving USA and the DAF Research Collaborative to inform their segments on faith and philanthropy. Join us in continuing this meaningful work with your support.

Before giving, you can read more about our work in our Social Impact Update & browse our presentation.

So here are 8 reasons why you should help sustain AMCF as a monthly donor this Ramadan:

  1. We amplify your dollars. A gift to AMCF’s operations leverages your dollars up to 10 times further through our Donor Advised Funds and Giving Circles like the American Muslim Women’s GC (amuslimcf.org/womensgc), Interfaith Giving Circle Confronting Hate (amuslimcf.org/interfaith), and Collaborative Fund for Palestine (amuslimcf.org/palestine).
  2. Empower nonprofits and their leaders. With one gift, you’re helping so many from international relief agencies to universities to food pantries to free health care clinics to refugee resettlement initiatives and social justice organizations. We are bringing back the tradition of endowments and helping empower so many critical charities.
  3. Support the production of the #MuslimPhilanthropy Podcast: amuslimcf.org/pod. This podcast features philanthropic industry and organization leaders where guests share their thoughts on organized donor giving, nonprofit best practices, and the lessons they learned along the way.
  4. Enhance thought leadership and discourse around Muslims being active participants in philanthropy. AMCF anonymizes data on charitable giving and securely shares it with leading researchers compiling statistics on American generosity like Giving USA and the DAF Research Collaborative informing sections on faith and philanthropy.
  5. Sustain the Social Impact Accelerator.  This program serves as an ongoing Nonprofit Resource Center with webinars for capacity building, and leadership development along with core infrastructural documents for leaders and their respective organizations: amuslimcf.org/accelerator.
  6. Encouraging charitable giving through wills. The National Muslim Planned Giving Council (amuslimcf.org/nmpgc) is working with estate planning lawyers, accountants, financial planners, and wealth managers to promote the use of DAFs with wills, trusts, and estate plans. Islam encourages up to 1/3 of your wealth to be left to charity and AMCF hopes to pave the way for more families to consider this practice.
  7. Certifying more Muslim fundraisers. The Muslim Affinity Group works with the Association of Fundraising Professionals and Certified Fund Raising Executive to encourage more Muslims to take their CFRE exam. Learn more about our Muslim CFRE Study Group (amuslimcf.org/muslim) and encourage your nonprofit leaders to join!
  8. Faith based values in giving. Large institutions like Fidelity, Schwab, and Renaissance may offer DAFs, however, they may not invest in sharia compliant funds with your hard earned money. AMCF will always choose options that align with our values and also make sure that we do not fund organizations promoting Islamophobia. Recently, the UNRWA was removed from charitable databases at other DAFs over fear from Israeli propaganda. Work to empower AMCF so we can stand up for what is right.

There is so much good in the world we can do together. AMCF is committed to tracking the impact of Muslim generosity. Whether you’re an ally or someone who identifies with the faith, your support builds good will toward the Muslim community. As an individual our name or singular gift can only have so much impact. However, a donation from American Muslim Community Foundation on your behalf represents Muslim charitable giving to the broader society and demonstrates our steadfast commitment to social justice. As an ally, donor, advocate, and more, your partnership strengthens our voice. 

AMCF’s goal is to raise $150,000 this Ramadan and $250,000 this year. Make a difference by strategically and collectively using your sadaqa and zakat in a meaningful way. In celebrating 8 years, whether you can support with a gift of $80, $800, or $8,000, your support today will ensure a lasting legacy and impact for Muslim philanthropy for today and future generations.

Please consider a monthly gift and join us on our mission by giving generously today committing online: amuslimcf.org/donation.

With Gratitude,

Omar Hassan, President, Board of Directors

Muhi Khwaja, Co-Founder & Chief Development Officer & the entire AMCF Team!