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November 2020

#MuslimPhilanthropy Podcast Gathering All Muslim Artists

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Abbas Mohamed, shares more on why he started Gathering All Muslim Artists and how it’s grown to three chapters across the country in Detroit, New York, and the San Francisco Bay Area. Learn more about his interest in bees and being a Halal foodie advocate.

#MuslimPhilanthropy Podcast Young Professional Nominee Lujain Al-Khawi

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Lujain works with the American Muslim Health Professionals as an Advocacy Intern and has been busy helping the National Muslim Covid-19 Task Force build connections with the House of Representatives and Senate. Lujain shares on the importance of having mentors and how AMHP is making a difference.

#MuslimPhilanthropy Podcast Lifetime Achievement Nominee Moina Shaiq

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Moina Shaiq has lived in Fremont, CA for over 35 years and has been involved with the community through politics, interfaith work, and being a natural leader. She started an initiative called Meet A Muslim to help combat stereotypes and give an opportunity of those from other faiths (or no faith) to learn more about Islam. Tune in to hear her story.

#MuslimPhilanthropy Outstanding Volunteer Fundraiser Team Liyna

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Abbas Anwar, Liyna’s brother, shares more about his sisters legacy and what Team Liyna is doing in her memory to help promote more minority participation in media, arts, and raising awareness for registering in the bone marrow and blood stem cell registries.SHOW MORE