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February 2021

#MuslimPhilanthropy​ Podcast with Andrew Keeler of Indiana University & A Year of Learning

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Join Andrew Keeler, Associate Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations at Indiana University speak to IU’s programs, initiatives, and a project called A Year of Learning. You can find out more about A Year of Learning’s first of many programs on Thursday February 18, 2021 from 12-3:15 PM CST and RSVP at https://yearoflearning.uic.edu​.

#MuslimPhilanthropy​ Sarah Jawaid, Rashida James-Saadiya, & Hazel Gomez Muslim Power Building Project

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Community organization is critical to building power. Combine that with traditional religious scholarship and you have a recipe for the Muslim Power Building Project. Hear from Director Sarah Jawaid and trainers Rashida James-Saadiya & Hazel Gomez about why they’re involved.

#MuslimPhilanthropy​ Podcast with Norma Ramos of A Year of Learning

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The Muslims in America: A Learning Launch for the Philanthropic Community is essential in creating:

  • Understanding
  • Understanding -Action Towards Change
  • Action Towards Change
  • Long Term Impact

A Year of Learning looks to build upon our collective power to open up pathways to foundational giving for Muslim American non-profit organizations serving in the contiguous United States. We aim to utilize social capital to bring about change in perspectives with foundation leaders. We look to Identify individuals and foundations that would benefit from the Learning Launch and providing a connection to them.

Norma Ramos is the Program Director for A Year of Learning and shares her background and how she got to the University of Illinois at Chicago and why it’s important to share space, tell stories, and be an ally.

You can RSVP for the event on Thursday February 18 at https://yearoflearning.uic.edu​ and sign up to be informed about future events.

#MuslimPhilanthropy​ Podcast with Hilesh Patel & Roohi Younus of A Year of Learning

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Hilesh Patel of the Field Foundation (https://fieldfoundation.org/​) and Roohi Younus of the Community Collaboration Initiative (https://philanthropy.iupui.edu/instit…​) are part of the Planning Committee for A Year of Learning project (https://yearoflearning.uic.edu/​). Tune in to hear more about their careers, thoughts on philanthropy, and why it’s important to have more representation for the Muslim community.