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June 2021

#MuslimPhilanthropy Podcast with Zainab Abbas of SciTech2U

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Zainab Abbas started SciTech2U after seeing a promising student get arrested at school. She focuses on creative STEM related projects for students in after school programs. Learn more about their exciting programs at https://scitech2u.org. Thank you to SciTech2U Board Member, Kevin Bryant for setting up this interview.

You can listen to more episodes at https://amuslimcf.org/pod.

#MuslimPhilanthropy Podcast with Saleemah Abdul-Ghafoor of The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

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Saleemah shares her journey to the Gates Foundation and what projects she loves to personally support. Hear about what brought her to work for one of the most recognizable names in the world. Learn more at https://gatesfoundation.org. Listen to more episodes at https://amuslimcf.org/pod.

#MuslimPhilanthropy Podcast with Maram Salah of Mshkah

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Maram Salah, the CEO and Co-Founder of Mshkah (https://mshkah.com) joined the #MuslimPhilanthropy Podcast from Gaza in Palestine to share more about their work as an incubator and how they help entrepreneurs.

Listen to more episodes at https://amuslimcf.org/pod

#MuslimPhilanthropy Podcast with Salmah Rizvi and Mohammad Ali Naquvi of American Muslim Bar Assoc.

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Salmah & Mohammad Ali join the show to share more on their passion for justice, law, and equity for all. The American Muslim Bar Association focuses on mentorship, education, pro-bono networks, and more. Tune in to hear how they’re moving the needle in the nonprofit space. Learn more at https://ambalegal.org. Listen to more episodes of #MuslimPhilanthropy at https://amuslimcf.org/pod.

#MuslimPhilanthropy Podcast with Hani Almadhoun of UNRWA USA

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Hani Almadhoun, Director of Philanthropy at UNRWA USA (https://unrwausa.org) joins the #MuslimPhilanthropy Podcast to discuss the situation in Palestine and how people can learn more about the work being done.

You can find more episodes at https://amuslimcf.org/pod

#MuslimPhilanthropy Podcast with Jehan Velji of Blue Meridian

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Jehan has a passion to help marginalized communities, especially when it comes to basic needs and social impact. Listen to her career and personal journey in pooling resources to making a difference. Find out more about Blue Meridian at https://bluemeridian.org.

Find more episodes at https://amuslimcf.org/pod.